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Demonstrations for the Jewish State around Finland on 29 November 2023 at 16:00

Come and show your support for Israel and demand
the immediate release of the kidnapped Israelis
on Wednesday 29 November at 16:00-17:00!

In Helsinki and the cities listed below, the demonstrations will take place on Wednesday 29 November at 16:00-17:00 supporting the Jewish state and demanding the immediate release of the kidnapped Israelis.

The organization behind these events is the Finnish Israel Friendship Committee, which consists of approx. 20 Israel friendship organizations. Each local event is organized by a local entity, either an organization or an individual.

Read below more about what happened on 29 November 1947 at the UN!

If there is no event in your city, you can organize it yourself with your friends and notify us at info@suomi-israel.fi, and we will publish your event on this page.

Bring the flags of Israel and/or Finland, posters that match the theme, and print pictures of the kidnapped from this link, which you can attach to an A4-sized cardboard base.

Demonstrations are carried out in the following locations:
The demonstrations start at 16:00 unless otherwise noted

Helsinki: Railway Station, at the entrance on the Kaivokatu side 

Other cities (in alphabetical order):

  • Hamina: in front of S-Market 

  • Heinola: market square, NB! starts at 16:30

  • Joensuu: market square, NB! starts at 17.00

  • Jyväskylä: walking street Kompassi

  • Järvenpää: walking street Janne, close to the railway station, NB! starts at 17.00

  • Kajaani: gathering at the market square, followed by a flag/candle march along Kauppakatu to the Raatihuoneentori 

  • Kangasala: market square (in front of the library)

  • Kouvola: Kauppalankatu 1-4

  • Kuopio: market square next to the Christmas tree, NB! starts at 17.00

  • Lahti: market square

  • Leppävirta: market square

  • Mänttä: downtown, in the corner of Seppälän puistotie and Ratakatu

  • Oulu: Rotuaari

  • Pori: gathering at Eetun aukio, followed by a flag/candle march to the market square

  • Riihimäki: railway station (on the side of Peltosaari)

  • Seinäjoki: Keskustori market square, Kalevankatu 7

  • Tampere: Jugendtori, Keskustori 7, NB! starts at 17:00

  • Turku: market square, close to the Orthodox church 

  • Vaasa: market square (at the stage)

Content for the speeches given in connection with the expression of opinion:

On 29 November 1947, the UN General Assembly approved the partition plan for the Palestinian mandate, which enabled the so-called the two-state model, and on the basis of which the State of Israel was founded on May 14, 1948. Unfortunately, the Palestinian Arabs did not accept a solution that would have allowed for a Jewish state presence in the region at all, but instead, together with the surrounding Arab countries, attacked the newborn Jewish state with the aim of destroying it.

After Israel’s independence, the UN and the majority of its member countries have been very anti-Israel, which is currently visible not only in the statements of the UN Secretary General and responsible officials regarding the attack by the terrorist organization Hamas, but also in the repeated voting behavior of various countries related to Israel. Instead of demanding the release of the Israeli hostages, the UN has sought to establish a ceasefire, which would only strengthen the situation of Hamas.

Today we demand that the UN and its children’s rights organization, UNICEF, do everything they can to free the approximately 240 Israeli hostages, including more than 30 children.

Finland’s voting behavior in Israel-related votes also reflects the structural anti-Semitism in our country’s foreign ministry and state leadership. According to the database of the UN Watch organization, Finland has participated in 138 votes concerning Israel since 2015, in which Finland has voted against Israel 100 times, abstained from voting 38 times and defended Israel – zero (0) times. This is shameful anti-Semitism that must stop.

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